Exploring Spirituality Series

Exploring Spirituality Series

Spirituality is part of being human. It is our connection to something larger than ourselves which is deeply true, meaningful, and life giving. Spirituality can be nurtured through specific practices which have been developed over the centuries in various traditions. Over the course of a year, we will explore several of these practices together. The workshops are led by members of the Milford community who have years of personal experience with the practice they are teaching. All are welcome, regardless of their beliefs or backgrounds.

Check our flyer for the full series: Workshop-Exploring Spirituality

Full Series

January: Praying the Hours

February: Fasting

March: Basic Forms of Prayer

April: Yoga

May: Drumming

June: Centering Prayer

July: Chanting

August: Lectio Divina

September: Meditation

October: Mindfulness

November: Prayer Beads

December: Dance and Movement