Hear The Word – Speak the Word – Live The Word

Good Shepherd Episcopal Church welcomes all people seeking a spiritual relationship with God.

Please join us!

The Episcopal Church is both old and new. Old in its observance of timeless Christian traditions and new in its acceptance of modernity, including acceptance of each individual’s life choices and the freedom to think and reason.

While our worship is a celebration grounded in the Episcopalian values of tradition, scripture and reason; our minds and souls reap the additional benefit of serving God among a family of Christians who value service to the community, dignity and the self worth of a thoughtful open mind.

Our communal spiritual journey is made up of many individual spiritual journeys. Quite simply our church welcomes everyone into our faith family and, as a family we share in each individual’s joys and sorrows.

We do not have all the answers but we value those who have the faith and willingness to follow Jesus.

Please join us.

In 2007, generous donors made it possible to install a fine new pipe organ, which has greatly enhanced our services. A small choir sings at the 10 a.m. service. We have begun to use the organ for outreach in the community and know that there is great potential for increased community use of the church and the organ. Enhancing the music at our services is important to many parishioners and is an important goal for the future.