Ecumenical Food Pantry

Ecumenical Food Pantry

Ecumenical Food Pantry

Covid-19: Meeting the Challenge

The threat of Covid-19 has brought a new reality to everyone. The uncertainty and anxiety we feel are felt even more acutely by those already struggling with food insecurity. We are working hard to provide supplemental food to our client families, while at the same time keeping them and our volunteers as safe as possible. Here are some of the steps we have taken so far. We stream-lined pantry registration and check-in to eliminate clients waiting in line on the porch or in the pantry. We also implemented pre-bagging of groceries so that clients can pick up their bags at the door and "go". We also implemented handwashing procedures and social distancing recommendations for volunteers, and established guidelines for the number of volunteers needed each week. And we have increased the weekly allotment of groceries for our families with kids. We have also suspended our monthly community lunches. However, we have started a temporary Door-to-Door Program to deliver groceries to homebound clients during the stay-at-home period. No matter a person's circumstance, no one deserves to be hungry.


Fighting Hunger in Our Community

Located in the former church rectory at 321 5th Street in Milford, the Ecumenical Food Pantry has been in continuous operation since 1981. We provide supplemental and emergency groceries and toiletries to residents of Pike county who are facing food insecurity. Staffed completely by volunteers, the pantry is open weekly on Fridays from noon to 1:00 pm and 6:30 to 7:30 pm. In addition to regular weekly distributions, we offer enhanced food offerings at Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter that may include holiday meal staples such as turkeys and hams and other groceries for a festive meal. We are also the local distribution site for a federally subsidized monthly food box program for senior citizens living on limited incomes. The pantry is a member of The Feeding America Network.

Support Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce food insecurity in Pike County using the power of volunteers and the generosity of the community. Since access to nutritious food is a basic human right, we are committed to responding to the needs of our community through food distribution, education, and advocacy. Hunger is a reality in our own backyard. For residents of Pike county, hunger persists with over 10% of the county's residents experiencing food insecurity. For children, one in five experiences food insecurity.

How You Can Help

Donating healthy food:

  • Nonperishable items can be dropped off at the pantry at any time and placed in the large blue containers on the far-right side of the front porch.
  • Fresh produce and meat are always welcome. The best time to deliver perishable products to the pantry is on Friday between the hours of 10 am and 1 pm.
  • For large or special donations contact Nancy Potter, the pantry director at (570) 618-1568 or email us at

Donating money:

As a self-sustaining ministry or Good Shepherd Church and the church’s largest all-volunteer ministry, we strive to pay our own expenses.  In addition to fixed expenses for insurance, electric, garbage collection, exterminator, rent and more, we purchase supplemental healthy foods when needed to ensure an adequate balanced supply for our guests.

  • Your tax deductible financial donations are always needed and greatly appreciated.
  • You can donate online using the "Donate Now" link on this page or by clicking on the “Donate Now” tab on the Good Shepherd home page.   Donate now
  • You can donate by check- payable to the Ecumenical Food Pantry of Pike County and mailed to 321 5th St., Milford, PA, 18337
  • You can also donate using the donate button on the Ecumenical Food Pantry page: Ecumenical Food Pantry 

Giving Your Time – A meaningful and uplifting experience:

The pantry is led and staffed entirely by volunteers. The volunteer director is Nancy Potter from Good Shepherd Church.  Pantry volunteers come from the community, with teams from the Milford United Methodist Church, St. Patrick’s Roman Catholic Church, St. Joseph’s Roman Catholic Church, and two community-based teams, along with members of the Boy and Girl Scouts.

  • We have been forced to limit the number of volunteers working on site at the pantry during the Covid-19 pandemic in order to promote safety for everyone. However, volunteers are often needed in our Door-to-Door grocery delivery program, for carrying groceries to clients' cars during distribution hours, and for pantry shopping. If interested, please contact us via email at
  • We maintain an active Facebook page with regular updates of pantry activities. Please follow us on Facebook at Ecumenical Food Pantry

Obtaining Assistance

If you are in need of our services and a resident of Pike County, you can come to the pantry any Friday evening between 6:30 and 7:30 PM to sign up for assistance. You do not need an appointment. Please bring with you proof of Pike county residence, verification of income, and birth certificates for family members under age 18.

Currently we are not operating as a choice pantry* due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We have shifted to serving clients and distributing pre-bagged groceries using a curbside delivery model. We will resume functioning as a "choice pantry" once we can be sure that it will be safe for clients, volunteers and all concerned.

* Client Choice Pantry:

Prior to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, our pantry had always functioned as a client choice pantry. Following is a brief description of a choice pantry. It is our goal to return to serving as a choice pantry as soon as it is safely possible.

Most of us take for granted the choices we make when we go to the grocery store. We stroll down the aisles and pick from a wide variety of foods. We are in control of what goes into our baskets. We attempt to apply this same concept at the Ecumenical Food Pantry. This is in contrast to distributing bags that are already filled with pre-selected groceries. We believe choice creates an atmosphere of dignity for our clients. Whether the trip to the pantry is a once a year or once a week occurrence, there are food supply issues in the family. Food needs cause worry and embarrassment that can either be magnified or minimized depending on the style of pantry operation. The choice pantry allows families the dignity of choosing their own food. Since families choose what they like and what will be useful to them, there is little waste.